The Private Sale

So, I've done some shopping.
Yesterday, as my week-end TO DO list was getting longer than Cara Delevingne's legs, I decided to pop by a Maje private sale organised by Arlettie, in Paris.

I wasn't looking for anything particular but my basket magically filled itself up within a few minutes.
I shall warn you : these private sales are very dangerous. Between the profusion of reduced-price items and the frantic scout for the perfect piece which will turn any respectable young lady into a competitive beast, you almost never walk away empty-handed, which means your bank account inevitably aches afterwards.

This time I (only) got 4 pieces, mainly because I couldn't afford more, but also because there was an additional 20% discount if you bought 4 items or more. I'm such a discount victim - it's kind of sad.

The first thing that caught my eye, amongst a plethora of golden lamé dresses & trousers and full racks of bright Barbie-pink tops, was this beautiful black jacket. The suede arms and silver details give it a biker/ rock edge, while the black texture of the front and back brings a feminine and elegant touch. It's a staple piece that I'm sure I'll get a lot of wear out in spring and fall - to go to work, for a night out, or for everyday when it's too chilly to get out the door with only a tee on.

Then I browsed the t-shirts ant tops section, and found 2 pretty basic white numbers. One has short sleeves, is creme rather than white, and the collar detail brings a subtle boho vibe. The other is more summer appropriate, sleeveless and quite open, with a deep V-line at the front and a low-cut back. Two pretty staples that will look fab in spring/summer with a pair of denim jeans and cute sandals.

Speaking of denim jeans, I found this pair of skinny high waisted ones, which luckily fit me like a glove (you can't try anything on at these sales, so it can get quite tricky picking the right size). They hug my shapes quite nicely -if I may say so myself- and might very soon become my new go-to pair of jeans. I like the strong blue denim and the simplicity of the shape, with no distress or washed out parts, which make them classic and great for everyday casual looks.

So that's my mini Maje spring haul - hope you liked it !

What are your favorite fashion items for spring ?

4 commentaires:

  1. Wow, this looks like an amazing event! I love the jeans and teh white cami style top!

    1. Hello Mantenso,
      Yes the Arlettie sales in Paris are great, if you ever have the chance to go I would recommend having a look :)
      Have a great day,
      Love, Anaïs xx

  2. Réponses
    1. Thanks Zivile ! I've been wearing them a lot since I bought them, so I'm happy with this haul :)

      Have a great day,
      Love, Anaïs