The Empties #2

Another week-end has passed, and with it, another Cleaning-Up-Sunday. I mentioned in my last Empties post that I quite like to go through my beauty products on lazy Sunday mornings and see what needs to be binned. It gives me the perfect excuse to get shopping on Monday morning :)
So here's what I've used up lately, and my brief review of each product. It's a "should I repurchase them straight away or should I try to see if the grass is greener with another conditioner" kinda dilemma ... 

Just like last time, these empties are a mix of hair, make-up, skin care & body care.
Let's start with hair products, shall we ?

1) L'Oréal Elsève Nutri-Gloss Shampoo and Conditioner
I've loved the Elseve range for many many years now, and I still go back to it regularly. The products are quite affordable, very easy to find in your local shop while grocery shopping (very convenient), and they do the job.
My favourites are the pink (Nutri-Gloss) and the teel blue (Fibralogy) shampoos. The pink range is aimed at long and dull hair, which suits me well. I find that it gives my hair volume and shine, leaving it very soft and glossy but never feeling greesy or too heavy. The conditioner does miracles at detangling my messy mane, and together with the shampoo it's a winning routine for me !

I'll admit I have given into the hype and bought fancier shampoos and conditioners lately, so I haven't repurchased the Elsève ones just yet. But I sure will, as soon as I run out of my Bumble&Bumble Sunday shampoo or my Ouai haircare.

On to the make-up(ish) empties now.

2) The Body Shop Vitamin E Face Mist
Let's say it straight away, I bought a back-up of this back in June after I frantically sprayed my Beauty Blender one morning and thought my Vitamin E face mist was running low. Just to say how much I love it.
I can't really explain why I've chosen this face mist in particular to be in my every-day make-up routine, but it might have something to do with the fact that Victoria (from In The Frow) kept mentioning it tutorial after tutorial, back in the days. I love Victoria, and I love the Body Shop, so I was immidiately convinced. 
This is a very fine and subtly rose-scented refreshing mist. This summer I used it up spraying it directly on my face, on those scroching hot days when I was battling the first weeks of pregnancy. But most days I use it to damp my beauty sponge before applying foundation or concealer.

Like Fleur de Force said about the Caudalie Beauty Elixir, "it's such a princess product". Who needs water in a bottle to damp their sponge ?! Apparently I do. I'm too lazy to get up from my vanity to the bathroom sink, AND I somehow believe that it helps my make-up stay in place longer while gently moisturizing my skin.
To be honest, I don't know if it does anything particular (other than smell and feel nice), but it's a very pleasant and refreshing step in my routine, and I wouldn't have it any other way.
Plus, compared to the Caudalie Beauty Elixir, the Body Shop face mist is about 11 euros for 100mL - when the Caudalie version will cost you 8 euros for 30mL, and I'm not even talking about the fancy Jason Wu limited edition bottle...
Speaking of bottles, the Body Shop have changed the packaging of this Vitamin E face mist, which means two things : a) I almost walked out empty handed on that June day when I went to repurchase it, because I did not recognize it on the shelves, b) This empty bottle is practically a vintage / collectable item. Should I keep it then ?

3) L'Oréal Super Liner in Black
Second make-up item I've used up is this L'Oréal liquid eye liner. It was getting so old that the writing on the packaging had rubbed off, and the felt tip was completely dry (and highly un-hygenic). So I eventually had to throw it away, but I've clinged on to it for a long time because it was that good. Super easy to use, super black, and does not buge.
I'm such a clumsy-skaky mess when it comes to liquid eyeliner... It's actually sad. So once I find one that I can apply semi OK, I tend to stick to it.
Poor little L'Oréal number though, it was replaced a few months ago already by the Stila one that I got from Anna & Lily's Cult Beauty box (I've written a whole post about this box if you fancy a read).
So I'm letting it go, but only with deep sorrow because it served me very well. (Too much for an eyeliner ? Maybe.)

Then there are a few skin care bits that I also finished up recently.
Bare with me guys, the ramble is nearly *cough* not *cough* over.

4) Zoella Beauty Candy Cream Body Lotion
I've talked about Zoella products before, and I'm generally very impressed. This body lotion is no exception. I liked pretty much everything about this product : the scent (refreshing and sweet, just like all the Tutti Frutti range), the packaging (easy to squeeze out + you can use it up completely), the formula (with little bursting beads which made the application sooo satisfying)... Just like the old packaging of the Vitamin E face mist though, this is a collector's product because it seems like it's not stocked anymore. At least I can't find it on Superdrug and Feelunique websites.
But don't panic, I'm sure the Zoella Christmas range will fill the void - Ginger bread scent though... just dreamy.

5) Vichy Aqualia Thermal Crème Riche
For a face moisturizer, I've been using this Vichy one for months. I love Vichy skincare, it's a brand that my mum always recommended to me when I was younger, and I've followed her advice. The Aqualia Thermal is one of my favourite Vichy ranges, because it's very light in texture, but it feels like it gives all the richness and goodness my face needs. Just like fresh mineral water can seem to satisfy your thirst better than tap water, this face cream brings all the hydration and softness back into my skin. It's paraben-free, I love it!
I'm using up some samples that I have at the moment, to test out other products and to declutter my beauty stash a bit, but I'll repurchase this Vichy moisturizer very soon.

Generally speaking, I really rate French pharmacy skin care : if you have never tried Vichy, Avene, Nuxe, La Roche-Posay, Bioderma, Caudalie and the others, check these brands out !
And if you'd like me to do a 'Best French Pharmacy products' post, let me know :)

6) Nuxe Body Long-Lasting Deodorant
I've used this deodorant and this one only for about 2 years now. It might be a bit TMI to talk about my armpits, but trust me they feel divine!
I prefer roll-ons to sprays, because it's better for the environment but also because it always makes me caught when I breathe in the aerosols while applying them.
This deodorant smells lovely (it's actually one of my favourite skin care or body care scent EVER), and it is truly long lasting. I've never felt self-conscious about my level of sweat / smell while wearing it. Obviously if you do hardcore work-outs, it might not be strong enough, but for me it works just fine.
It's not the cheapest deodorant (about 10 euros for 50mL); and there are plenty of drugstore brands that try to incroporate some of the same ingredients into their formulas (such as stone alum), but I always find that their scent is less subtle than my Nuxe one, and that they are less long-lasting.
You got the gist, it's a staple for me and I always have back ups !

Last but not least (I promise we're almost done!) : the perfume.

7) Jo Malone Plum Blossom Cologne
When it comes to fragrances, my heart balances between Jo Malone and Diptyque. My all-time favourite perfumes are BlackBerry and Bay for spring/summer, and Eau Duelle for fall/winter.
Every now and then, I try out another fragrance from those two brands. Last year  (or was it the year before?) I picked up this gorgeous violet bottle from Jo Malone, and I absolutely loved wearing it. It was a limited edition for spring so it's not available anymore sadly, but it was a lovely scent. Fruity and fresh, not too citrusy but quite sweet and floral. It gave BlackBerry and Bay some serious competition.

Now it's empty and I'm back wearing my classics, but this Plum Blossom made me want to venture more out of my signature scents and try the Jo Malone Limited Edition Colognes more often... *hints semi-cunningly, wishing her hubby reads this and remembers it when Christmas comes around*

Guys, that's it for this round of empties !! I hope I haven't killed you all with my rambling. And I hope you found some of this helpful in any way :)

I'd love to hear what you've used up recently and repurchased straight away!

Lots of love,

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