My name is Anaïs, I’m 26 * and I live in Paris. I’m an enthusiast for all things beauty-fashion-and-life related, i.e a serious lipsticks and skinny jeans hoarder.
I wish you a very warm welcome to Anaïs Loves, the collection of all the things I’m passionate about - from make-up & skincare to home décor, food, travels, photography, fashion bits and random bobs.

I love reading, taking photos, eating and discovering new faces & places. I love scented candles, positive people, Haribo sweets, dancing bare feet until dawn, shoe shopping, lazy Sunday mornings, Disney movies and avocado on toasts. If you want to find out more, well, check out the rest of this blog :)

I’m so excited to be sharing with you all the things that make me happy, and to hopefully be hearing back from you in the comments - let’s do this !

Happy browsing !


* But I turn 4 when faced with spiders or Nutella jars

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