The Start

It all started when I received an email from Meg announcing that I was the winner of her 'Blog of Your Dream' Giveaway. As the email notification popped up on my phone screen at work, I immediately felt my heart go *boo-boom boo-boom boo-boom*

My dream of starting my own blog was suddenly at my finger tips, and I had to physically hold my mouth close not to squeal with joy in the middle of my office open space.

Or maybe it all started in Rome, a couple a years ago, on my Erasmus semester : the exact moment when, on a rainy-procrastinating afternoon I clicked on that hairstyle tutorial by Zoella, which led me to watch 2164 YouTube videos and fall in love with the magic world of beauty bloggers and vloggers. It fueled my interest for all things lipstick and foundations related, and I soon found myself spending all my free time reading beauty & lifestyle blogs and spending all my student money on beauty products.

Wait... Maybe it all started in my room when I was around 7 years old, religiously writing all my thoughts and emotions in my secret diary (very secretly kept under my pillow). I remember cutting out pictures I liked from my mom's Elle or Marie Claire magazines, hoping she wouldn't notice the holes in the pages. I illustrated my diary with cello-taped outfits and colorful images, which made me feel very cool. 
As long as I can remember, the creative little girl I was always loved pretty-shiny-sparkly things.

I guess I can't pin point the exact moment when I knew I wanted to start my own blog. All of these instants, together with a thousand others, led me to today. 
This surreal moment when I press the 'publish' button to my first ever blog post.
Surreal, but nice *.

So here we go, this is our little corner of the internet, where I'll be writing about what I love (hence the blog's name - duh). From beauty to lifestyle, fashion and home decor, this blog is a collection of what Anaïs Loves. And hopefully you guys will enjoy it and interact in the comments so that we can have friendly conversations, and create together a happy little community of candles-&-lipstick lovers.

* name the movie, one of my faves!  ;) 

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