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The First Trimester Recap

I shared the Big News with you a few weeks ago : I'm pregnant !! Yes it's the most exciting thing, but it's also the biggest emotional and physical turmoil I have ever experienced.

I figured I might tell you a bit more about this first 3 months of being a mommy-to-be, in case it might help some of you pregnant ladies of curious readers.

The Empties #2

Another week-end has passed, and with it, another Cleaning-Up-Sunday. I mentioned in my last Empties post that I quite like to go through my beauty products on lazy Sunday mornings and see what needs to be binned. It gives me the perfect excuse to get shopping on Monday morning :)
So here's what I've used up lately, and my brief review of each product. It's a "should I repurchase them straight away or should I try to see if the grass is greener with another conditioner" kinda dilemma ... 


The Happy News

Remember how I was trying to justify my recent lack of posting with personal life events ? (here, if you missed it)
Well, I have some very exciting news to share with you, from the personal life department...