The Normandy

A few week-ends ago, to celebrate our 1st wedding anniversary, the hubby and I decided to spend a couple of days in Normandy, the closest sea-side from Paris, and one of the most charming regions in France. I thought I'd share with you some of the pictures from this little romantic getaway, which came as the perfect sunny and peaceful retreat for us and might inspire you to visit these beautiful places.

1) Honfleur

Our first stop was in Honfleur on Sunday, May 16th, our actual anniversary date. I had always wanted to come to Honfleur for the artistic-poetic-romantic atsmophere it conveys.
So many painters and writers have stayed in Honfleur over the last centuries, and I was curious to discover why.

I immediately fell in love with this charming town.
The sun was out, people looked happy and chilled, and we ventured into the tiny cobbled streets excited and curious to see what would appear around the next corner. So many beautiful old houses tangled with wisteria and pretty spring blooms, the nicest little shops and cafés, and of course, the loveliest harbor with its majestic boats.

We were very lucky to visit Honfleur during the Sailor's Festival (Fête des Marins), which made it extra special. The town was in a very festive spirit, decorated with all sorts of bunting and paper flowers and boats made by the school girls and school boys of Honfleur. We even had the chance to attend a little sailors show, so very authentic and charming :) We had the perfect day and will for sure come back to Honfleur very soon.

2) Etretat

The next stop on our little Normandy adventure was Etretat. Now this is one of those breathtaking places where you might tell yourself 'Nature is amazing, I feel so tiny'. I definitely did.
The Etretat Cliffs are one of the most beautiful spots I've been to, and it's so close to Paris I don't know how I had never been before.

We spent a few hours admiring the landscape surrounding us. I even asked the hubby to do a little outfit shoot to take advantage of this stunning location. (Go check out the Spring Outfit post !)
Again, we were very lucky with the weather and it was the prettiest sunny day, with a turquoise sea and lush greenery. I was in awe :)

So on this much appreciated bank holiday Monday, we spent the morning in Etretat, had seafood lunch in a lovely restaurant and enjoyed the beach with a tasty ice-cream.

But before the week-end was over, there was one last place we wanted to visit.

3) Deauville

You might have heard of Deauville for the American Film Festival and the iconic dimension this little town acquired over the decades of hollywood movie stars visiting Deauville. I wouldn't say it's the most beautiful place on earth, but it's quite fun to have a walk on the famous 'Planches' (wooden promenade) and the beach huts with all the actors names. 

The iconic Normandy hotel is quite spectacular in its traditional 'half-timbering' (colombage in French) architecture.

And Deauville is also known for its many luxury boutiques, from Hermes to Louis Vuitton, so if you're feeling spendy, you'll love it :)

Have you ever been to Normandy before ? Only an hour-ish from Paris by car, and right across the English Channel from the UK, it's quite easy to hop by for a couple of days, and really worth the visit for a charming and relaxing time !

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