The First Trimester Recap

I shared the Big News with you a few weeks ago : I'm pregnant !! Yes it's the most exciting thing, but it's also the biggest emotional and physical turmoil I have ever experienced.

I figured I might tell you a bit more about this first 3 months of being a mommy-to-be, in case it might help some of you pregnant ladies of curious readers.

First, let's rewind a little bit. The hubbie and I have been wanting to start our own happy little family for a few years. Since we got married in May 2015, the idea of having a baby has become more and more real. So much that we decided, a few months ago, that it was time to actually start trying. 

At the end of June this year, as I was a few days late, I couldn't contain my excitment and I burst into the nearest pharmacy in the middle of the afternoon to buy a pregnancy test. I felt so urged and compelled to find out that I couldn't wait for the evening till I got home, and I took the test at work (i.e I peed on the plastic stick, and a little bit on my hand too, if we're gonna go TMI here).

The 30-ish seconds of waiting before the little symbol showed up on that stick felt like forever. And suddenly, it clearly appeared and announced I was pregnant. Tears immidiately filled up my eyes and I did not know what to do. I must have stared at this magical plastic wand for a good 5 minutes, before finally getting out of the restroom.

Needless to say I could not concentrate on work later that afternoon. All I could think about was that wonderful and crazy secret I was carrying. I was already thinking of the moment when I would meet my baby for the first time, and all the hopes and love a new parent must feel when they hold their child in their arms for the first time. "How many languages can I teach them ? Will they turn into an Olympic gymnast or a piano genius ? Will they have their dad's blue eyes or their grandma's crazy character ? Will we be the best parents we can and raise a healthy happy child ? ... "
My head was spinning and everything around me in that work open space felt muted and distant.

You bet I came home earlier than your average Wednesday. I remember feeling my heart beating so fast and so loud while climbing up the stairs to our appartment, that I could have fainted.

I opened our appartment door and stepped into the living room where the hubby was chilling out on the sofa (he was having an average Wednesday night), with the world's largest grin on my face. He immidiately knew. I said, nervoursly scouting my bag for the plastic evidence, "I have a surprise for you". When he saw the positive pregnancy test, he jumped at me and gave me the biggest hug. All night we couldn't stop smiling and kissing each other and savouring the happiest and most life-changing news.


The next few weeks now feel like a blurr.
I took a blood test to confirm I was pregnant, got an appointment with my gynecologist who told me all at once that a) 1 out of 4 pregnancies stopped within the first 3 months, but b) I needed to choose ASAP the hospital where I wanted to have my baby or I might give birth under a bridge. The contradictions did not stop at this surreal consultation, they were everywhere. My boobs got significantly bigger, to my husband's great pleasure, but they were so sensitive and hard that I would barely let him look at them. I was so excited about the new life inside of me and this new parent role that we were about to embark on, and yet I felt so sick and tired all the time. We were the happiest we probably had ever been, and yet we had to be cautious and wait to share the news with our loved ones.

Then this crazy first weeks got us to the summer holidays. In August we visited our families on both sides and finally told everyone. Sharing our happiness and excitment with my mom and sister wiped away all the morning sickness and the 6pm attacks of exhaustion.

Now we've told our friends and co-workers, and everything gets more real.  We've already got given tones of baby-related 'essentials' (that any one who hasn't had a baby in the last 5 years probably has never heard of), and I'm starting to buy maternity clothes to fit my wide bottom and already quite significant baby bump. My bump grew quite fast actually, and even so once I started telling my family and friends we were expecting. In early September people on the tube started to notice and leave me their seats. I really felt pregnant.

The 12 weeks ultrasound enabled us to hear the baby's heart beat, to see them move (like Jagger), and to get the cutest picture of their profile, with the cutest little nose and belly. 

See ? I'm already a crazy my-baby-is-the-8th-Wonder-of-the-world mom. To be honest, I feel so much love for this little human growing inside my belly, it's insane. 

What about those of you who already went through this 1st trimester ? How was it for you ?

Many people told me that the 2nd trimester is the best, in the sense that the morning sickness passes and you feel more energetic... I'll tell you more in the next update !! 

PS : Sorry for the VERY bad quality of the pictures in this post. I wasn't really planning on writing about this in my first weeks of pregnancy, so I haven't taken proper photos...
Lots of love,

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