All of the products featured on this blog were purchased with my own pennies, unless I mention otherwise. All opinions my own honest thoughts and feelings - feel free to debate them in the comment sections for constructive and respectful criticism :)
If, from time to time, I’m lucky enough to get given products or samples to try : I’ll let you know if I like them, and if not I probably just won’t mention them.
Same with sponsored posts : I’ll only accept writing remunerated content if I genuinely like the brand and would personally use the products & services. In any case, be sure that I’ll make it clear for you if/when a post is sponsored.

I aim to create a happy, entertaining and trustworthy little corner of the internet, and I don’t ever want you to feel like I raved about something that I did not sincerely love.
I create all the content you can read or see on this blog, unless I mention other sources and credits. Please do the same and do not use or duplicate this blog’s content – I take plagiarism pretty seriously.
If you have any queries about all this, don’t hesitate to reach me on : anaisloves.contact@gmail.com

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