The Beauty Event

Last week-end, something REALLY exciting happened : I attended my first ever fashion & beauty blogger/Youtuber event ! I was invited by FeelUnique to Get Beauty Paris, one of the first events of the VidCon / BeautyCon type to be organized in France. It was crazy but so much fun !

The first thing that stroke me was the CROWD !! I knew a lot of girls were watching beauty and fashion videos on Youtube, but to see such a massive gathering of screaming young ladies made it all very real ! And made me feel quite old, if I'm honest.

I watched a bit of the huge Q&A that was going on on the main stage, where 3 Canadian Youtubers were answering questions from the audience. Catherine (from the channel BeautyAddict), Cynthia Dulude and Emma Bossé were on stage. Some of the questions they answered about their YT career and beauty tips were quite interesting !
I didn't really go to the event to meet many french-speaking Youtubers though, since most of the girls I've been watching for years now are actually British.

So I spent more time checking out all the stands and playing around at the photo booths, even taking some pics with the hubby (bless him, I stuck with me the whole time and didn't complain once)

Then, let's be real, I mainly spent time trying on and buying make-up. I got soooo excited when I saw the Sigma 3DHD Kabuki Brush, and the Cocoa Blend palette from Zoeva on the Beautyst stand - two of the products I'd been dying to get my hands on for such a long long time!
And they were significantly cheaper than what I had seen online (17€ for the brush and 15€ for the palette - B.A.R.G.A.I.N!), which sealed the deal for me. 

I kind of regret not getting one of the Zoeva brush kits too (that rose gold packaging is so Instagram-friendly), but I could feel the disapprobation in my husband's eyes already, so I kept it as reasonable as I could !

So I got home with all sorts of goodies, feeling very hyper from all this beauty madness ! 

Do you guys like these kind of events ? Would you go more for the meet-ups or for the new-in beauty products (or both) ?

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