The June Birchbox

It's this time of the month again !
My monthly Birchbox has arrived, and I thought I'd share it with you, because this month I was extra-excited to open it. After a delay in the delivery due to the 'meteorological situation' of the past week, it magically came last night, and this morning it's summer again outside. Coincidence ? I don't think so...

So let's open this box, shall we ?
In this June Birchbox I got 5 exciting products and a very cute make-up bag. Here are my first impressions.

I've heard good things about Cattier, but never tried any of their products. Also I've never used pink clay before ! So this is a first, and I'm curious to see what it does on my skin.
It's marketed for sensitive skins and made of organic ingredients such as shea butter and aloe vera, so this should feel quite soothing and gentle on my tired face. Can't wait to pamper myself with this new mask !

Staying in the organic skincare department, this little cleansing gel by Absolution was a very welcomed addition to my (ever growing) skincare products family.

I discovered the brand Absolution Creative Apothecary a few months ago when I received a micellar water from their range in one of my Birchboxes. I used it up straight after I got it, which doesn't happen so often.
For those of you who don't know me (i.e not you, Mom) , I usually tend to pile up all of my beauty samples and travel-sized products in a big basket in my bathroom and pick one up every now and then, when I'm fancying a change or when I need a travel-friendly product. Leaving the rest of the basket generally collecting dust, in the meantime.

Despite its strong grannyish orange-infused-old-cologne scent, I quite liked this micellar water I tried from Absolution. So I'm happy to get a new product to test out from this organic skincare brand !

NB : I checked, the cleansing gel has the exact same scent. But I actually don't mind too much, it's a weirdly comforting scent for me...

3) L'Occitane Jasmin & Bergamote Shower Gel

Moving on to in-shower products, the first one is this lovely L'Occitane shower gel. I love L'Occitane, I've never been disappointed by one of their products, and I very often buy their cute sets as gifts for my friends and family.

I haven't used this Jasmin & Bergamote shower gel yet, but I'm already obsessed with it. This floral yet fresh scent is DI-VINE.
Can you tell scents play a huge part in my appreciation of a product ?!

I might save it for my summer holidays or for our next romantic getaway with the hubby, because it doesn't seem like an ordinary Wednesday kinda shower gel, lemme tell you.

Oh boy! I just had a look at the L'Occitane website, and discovered that the Jasmin & Bergamote range includes a fragrance AND a candle.  *Frantically adds said items into her e-basket*

The second in-shower product that came with this June Birchbox is this teeny tiny pink squared bottle of hair conditioner. Seeing its memorable shape now I realize I have had a product from this brand before, but I don't remember using it. It's probably one of the sad and forgotten inhabitants of the dusty basket I just mentioned.

This pink little conditioner caught my eye (I'm such a packaging-oriented consumer, it's kind of sad), and I'm curious to use it. My hair is fine and slightly coloured indeed, so congrats Birchbox on your targeting skills, this is right up my street.

5) LOC One & Done shadow stick in Champagne Problems

And then comes the only make-up product of this box.
Color-wise, I would say it's more of a rose gold than a champagne, which is fine by me. I actually chose this shade a few weeks ago, with one of these personalization emails that Birchbox sometimes send, asking you to chose from different versions of one product. Am I the only one who loves it when they do that ? I feel like I'm participating in the making of my next box, which makes me more engaged and even happier when I open it :)

Anyway, this LOC little number seems like one of those lazy girl sticks that you can slather on your eyes when you're rushing in the morning.  Or one that you can apply quickly 5 minutes before your date arrives when you distractedly look at your reflection in the restaurant window and realize you look like you haven't seen light since 1997. I all in !

And just from swatching it on my hands, I have trouble getting this product off. So I'm guessing it won't go anywhere once you apply it. Winning !

6) The cutest Birchbox make-up bag

Finally, the exciting novelty element of this June Birchbox : the make-up bag ! This little case made of some neoprene-like material will be perfect to bring sunscreen and sunglasses to the beach or by the pool ! The muted grey with the neon pink look fab, I'm really liking it !
It's nice to change things up from time to time and get something different from the usual boxes (which are starting to seriously clutter my bathroom tbh, even if I love collecting them).

I can't wait to fill this bag up with my summer essentials !

What beauty summer essentials will you take with you on holiday ?

4 commentaires:

  1. I thought the Angel Rise was a liquid blush at first! Ahah
    The packaging is so cute!

    1. Hi Marta ! It also took me a while to get what the Angel Rinse was :) I used it this morning and it's lovely ! I can't stop touching my hair, it's so thick and soft !!

      Hope you have a great day !

      Lots of love, Anais

  2. Sounds like great products, enjoy!


    Tamra - loveofMode.com

    1. Thank you Tamara ! Have de great day :)

      Lots of love, Anais