The September Birchbox

It's the beginning of the month again, which can only mean one thing : my new Birchbox has arrived !! I'm excited to show you what's inside this September edition, and what I can't wait to start including into my daily routine ! So here we go...

The first thing I noticed while ripping off the packaging to get my hands on it, was the look of the box itself. It's pink and coral and girly a.f, with this swatches-like print, which I love ! 

It's a collaboration between Birchbox and Wear Lemonade, a cute and easy-to-wear fashion brand. They sell limited edition clothes that you can either get fully done or make yourself ! To be honest, I didn't know about the brand before opening the box, but I'll check it out a bit more in the next weeks for sure! 
I've always wanted to try and create my own clothes, I've watched almost every 'Project Runway' season (yes that counts) and I got a sewing machine for my 16th birthday (i.e 10 years ago... God I'm old). But I never really got the skills patience to make a whole garment by myself. Fun fact, my grandma was actually a seamstress and worked for the most prestigious Couture brands, such as YSL. Not sure where those creative genes went... Anyway, Wear Lemonade sell patterns and fabric and everything you need to get started with sewing, so I might give it a go some day !

But enough rambling, back to the September Birchbox.

1) Rituals Magic Touch Body Cream
The first item that caught me eye in the box was... the biggest. I'm such a child.
This Rituals body cream is a 70mL sample, so a very decent travel size. There's enough to slather it all over my body. Because, I'm warning you, that's exactly what you'll want to do, as soon as you smell that cherry blossom goodness and feel its light yet very rich texture. 

This 'magic touch' body cream is inspired by the Japanese ritual of Sakura, and uses rice milk to give you that moisturizing and calming effect. It's a pleasure to use, and on the tube it says 'Celebrate each day as a new beginning'. It's perfectly fitting to my current mindset, as I'm trying to get a new start with blogging, and life stuff in general.
So deep, I know.

2) Peony Cosmetics Lipstick in Maria
The only make-up product in this box is a lipstick, with the same packaging as the box. I think it's a Birchbox's own brand product, and possibly a limited edition for the collaboration with Wear Lemonade. I got it in the shade Maria, the bright red colour. There's also a bright fuchsia and a muted pink in the collection. 

It's a rather matte lipstick, quite pigmented, but not with the best durability I'm afraid. It tends to wear off quickly and after an hour or so, I was left with an ugly red streak on my lips - don't you hate when lipsticks do that ?
The sweet scent however makes it enjoyable to apply, and perfect for the end of summer when I'm desperately trying to keep a bit of tan going and am still wearing a bright lip every now and then.

3) Revlon Professional Uniq One Lotus Flower Hair Treatment
The next item is a little (9mL) hair treatment spray by Revlon Professional. I haven't used it yet so I won't be able to give you a full review, but it says this leave-in mask repairs, brightens, detangles, texturizes and protects from heat and U.V ... So basically it does everything! I'll report back if it lives up to my expectations, but trust me they are very high ! 

If this hair spray does half of what it claims to do, without leaving my hair feeling heavy or greasy, I'll be a very happy bunny :)

4) Codage Scrubbing Cream
Now this might be the product I was least excited to discover in the box. Not that I don't like a good scrub, but I already have so many samples and travel-sized similar products, that I can surely scrub my butt off for the next 17 years. At this point I feel like these scrubs are pretty much all the same, so my level of excitement to try this Codage one isn't the highest.

That being said, I mentioned I was trying to keep my holiday tan alive, so this might come in handy in the end. The scrubbing bits are made from tiny rice particles, so perfect for my sensitive face. And it says it boosts your skin's radiance. Who doesn't want to look radiant ?

5) Wear Lemonade Mini Dalida Scarf
The last item in this box is a soft and light scarf, that you can use tied up in your hair or around your neck (as any scarf, duh)
It's made out of polyester but doesn't feel too cheap. The print is border-line teenager, with the big white and fuchsia polka dots. But somehow the navy background makes it OK for my 26-year-old self to wear it, I reckon.

I might need to watch some tutorials to see how Lisa Gachet, the creator of Wear Lemonade, ties her scarf up in her hair : it looks so great and effortless on her ! 
Or, if I fail with the stylish hairstyle, I can always wear it as a normal scarf, or tie it to my handbag for a little pop of color ! That I should be able to do.

So that's all that was in this month's French Birchbox. Let me know which product you're most exciting to try, or if you have ideas on how to style the scarf ! 

Lots of love, 

6 commentaires:

  1. The pattern on the scarf is gorgeous! And I always pick up the biggest item first too haha!

    Abigail Alice x

    1. Ahah I'm glad I'm not the only one acting like a child on Christmas Day, opening the big presents first :)
      Have a great day !

      Lots of love, Anais

  2. Thanks Tamara, I'm glad that you like them too :)

    Lots of love, Anais

  3. Oh that box looks really great. Some pretty amazing products in it. I recently had that Rituals product in my subscription box as well and I really like it :)

    Love, Kerstin

  4. Right! Isn't this Rituals body cream amazing ? I've used it every morning since I got it :)
    Have a great day Kerstin !

    Lots of love, Anais